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Brock Samson from The Venture Bros.
Best bodyguard ever.
I just wanted to make a little note for anyone else out here starting to learn.
I do these challenges for myself because every drawing I do, good, bad, or terrible, I learn something new every time. Every. Single. Time.
Always try, do new stuff, different stuff, copy the masters, hold your pencil upside down, doodle at work if you can get away with it (there are car parts in the world with ponies drawn on them. You're welcome!)
Don't ever stop and you can only get better!!!
Done. Whew!
That won't happen again soon. Ironic that Snarf, the most complex character to draw, was the easiest to color.
Those of you who are new to my Deviant Art account and my Tumblr blog now know that I am middle-aged, and work hard on an automotive assembly line to pay the rent and such.
I really enjoy drawing, despite how tough it gets sometimes, and I need something besides TV and YouTube for my last years to come. I have COPD, an incurable lung disease caused by smoking cigarettes for 30 years, and that abuse to myself means I get to be on oxygen and largely incapable of much physical activity in my final years, which are fast approaching.
SO, 2 years ago, my love of My Little Pony and all the amazing artists I've met encouraged me to really try to learn art.
Seeing as I am very good at making excuses all week long to not draw, I have decided to emulate Inktober and start a daily drawing challenge for myself with a monthly theme.
This month, though a bit late to start, is the Cartoon Character Daily Draw!
Every day this January, I pledge to draw one character from the huge world of animation.
If you'd like to join in, here are some base rules:
-All genres that are animated are okay, no stop motion (Coraline, Wallace and Grommit) or fully digital (Zootopia, etc.)
-Traditional media is preferred, if you must use digital interface, stay away from textures, duplication, even layers.
-Be here to try stuff you haven't yet, even characters you don't like.
-You can draw characters from the same show, but not all month! I'm looking at my fellow Bronies here!

I plan to make the most of what I have to work with, and have fun doing it.
Remember, Good Artists are Bad Artists that didn't stop drawing!
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  • Drinking: Lots of water with lime juice, and barley soda ;)


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Marc Edward Fisher
United States
47 yr old male, lifelong lover of art esp. comic art ( read ART ) blue collar kinda guy with a white collar intellect and a black t-shirt attitude


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