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Fan Art February Day 24
3 of five panels of this piece:…
Whom are awesomely talented and have a great sense of humor. And I had to butcher poor Fluttershy...
Oh well. I'm trying to be less sketchy and use more confident lines, but then this happens. Everything gets all wonky.
Plus, I should've inked if I was going to color...
Fan Art February Day 23
The unstoppable force that is DANMAKUMAN!
Drawing smexy pones for the masses. Love his style, and especially his sketches!
Give him a peek, NSFW though. Fair warning!
Reference used:…
Work doodle 7
Trying to avoid uploading every damned scratch of the pencil, but the Flutters on no. 8 is pretty cute, and that bat dude just cracks me up.
Fan Art February Day 21
Today's lucky contestant, Captain Pudge Muffin!!
To be found here: captainpudgemuffin.deviantart.…
Reference used is Princess of Mood Swings: captainpudgemuffin.deviantart.…
Really nice floofins, super cute pones, great artist! Has a tumblr, but very NSFW ish. Hunt under your own accord.
I really think Pudge draws the most huggable, lovely pony characters. Right up there with BobDudeO's SweetieBelles, super deadly for diabetes sufferers.
Thanks for the great work and happy times CPM!!
    February's little challenge so far has left me disappointed in myself. I just can't seem to take any time on these drawings, and it's depressing. Part of it has to do with my job, quite frankly I don't have a lot of day left after work, and can't seem to get settled in time to focus before I have to call it a day. Part of it is prioritizing. This is important to me, but I have to handle my household, too. So, I am going to try to relax more and not stress out if art doesn't get done on time; this is supposed to be FUN, after all!
    Going forward from here, I might short a day here and there, but I'll finish out February okay.

March was going to be a total month off, but today I thought up Mare Madness! to go with March Madness here in the states.
Every OTHER day will be a drawing of an MLP FiM mare, not sports related, and definitely not basketball!!
The short rules are thus:
                -Must be a mare, no colts, fillies are OK
                -Must be canonical, no OC's, no other species, etc.
                -TRY to avoid the Mane Six and focus more on background/obscure mares in the series.
    Celestia knows they have tons of spotlight time anyway.

This feels more doable to me, it represents only 15 days of drawings, maybe I can put more effort into them (fingers crossed).
Until then, thanks for watching and supporting me, your luvs mean more than you know!
Stay Friskie my fiends!
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Marc Edward Fisher
United States
47 yr old male, lifelong lover of art esp. comic art ( read ART ) blue collar kinda guy with a white collar intellect and a black t-shirt attitude


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