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    Just wanted to catch everyone up. I do plan on following through with the Mare Madness that I announced a while back, once again my regular job ( you know, the one that covers all of everything) is kicking my behind daily keeping me from arting as much as I'd like to.
So I'm behind. Again. I know, tighten up Siberian.
    That being said, hopefully I'll catch up this weekend. I have two whole days off, and the shift changes up to 2nd (2pm - 11pm) so I can draw even on Monday!
Here is my list of the characters I plan on trying out, and I'd like to draw them as I feel and not just parrot the canonical style.
1) Se1/05 Granny Smith
2) Se1/11 Mayor Mare
3) Se1/01 Apple Fritter
4) Se2/01 Cheerilee
5) Se2/18 Matilda (mule)
6) Se2/26 Chrysalis
7) Se3/15 Trixie!!  (Insider secret: Trixie is my waifu!)
8) Se3/12 the Mustang pony from Mustangia
9) Se3/12 Ms. Harsh Whinny
  • Listening to: Garbage 2.0
  • Watching: Dr. Strange
  • Eating: Chicken and veg
  • Drinking: Water and beers!!
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